Sunday, March 27

Keeping up with the Jones...

We had DJs 12 month developmental check up done last week, and the health nurse said he was behind in his words, and was behind in walking. Why is it that our babies are compared to other babies, and that when they haven't met their mile stone when the book says they should, do we as mothers feel like failures or that we are doing something wrong.  When I was at school I was always behind, I am dyslexic, and my teachers said it was because I wasn't working hard enough. They used to make me stand up in class and read aloud to everyone. I would go bright red and get all hot and sweaty, I would get so nervous I couldn't see the words, and I would mumble something and all the words would just mixed around. I sat back down in embarrassment, and would get teased by the boys in my class for being dumb. Luckily my parents would build me up and say that I was great at other things. Why is it that we all get compared to other people? Why cant we just be happy that we are individuals? You know DJ may be dyslexic like his daddy and I, but he has other amazing attributes.
DJ has become incredible cute over the past few weeks. Not that he wasn't cute before its just that his personality has become even funnier than before.  I suppose its in his genes, so I don't think I expected anything less than a real performer. He has a fake laugh (which sounds a little like an old English gentle mans laugh) which he does to get peoples attention, once everyone is looking at him and smiling at this cheeky face, he starts to flirt and coo and babble. He sings and has surprisingly good rhythm for a baby/toddler. He gives me kisses and flirts with me when he wants something, which of course I fall for hook line and sinker. He has a way with people, where he seems to wrap anyone around his little finger. As long as he has people skills he will go far in life, and I will guide him to be the best person he can be. Not to feel like a failure if he isn't good at something, just to always try his best and thats good enough for me.
Each and every one of us are unique and have amazing qualities. Some people are not great in large groups of people, or don't really say what's on their mind, in fear of being judged, yet are able to express them selves so beautifully in the written word. I suppose thats why blogs took off. I know I for one, may be an actress and come across very bubbly, but I am actually really shy, and this performance I put on is really just an act.  I feel I really express my self through writing without being judged.

So lets celebrate the fact that we are all different, and that DJ can not yet recite a piece of Shakespeare,
He can charm the pants of anyone and I am very happy with that.

Love to you all



  1. Whatever learning disorder you struggled with as a child has certainly gone by the way of the wind. You are beautifully well spoken and incredibly endearing. So is DJ of course. As far as I'm concerned he's just being fashionably late and will start off running and speaking full sentences. Well said hot momma!xoxo



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