Thursday, March 24

Sun Glasses

I love my sunglasses, I adore my sun glasses. I literally can not live with out them. They hide a multitude of sins, they make me feel safe, I feel naked without them. I always carry 2 pairs with me. One on me and one in my bag.
My love affair with sunglasses started when I was 4 when I had a white pair with black spots on them. I really fancied my self in these sunglasses and felt really grown up. My mother always had a pair of sunglasses on her even when it was raining.

My favorite pair  of Sunglasses are my  Chanel ones, I have them in Brown and in Black.
This summer I am looking for a new pair. The bigger the better.

What are your favorite pair of sunglasses?



  1. Chanel glasses were my first 'grown up woman' indulgence when i was 20. I had them for years. Recently I got a big pair of Diors. I live in Holland when its always overcast, but I insist on wearing my glasses even if to hold up my hair, people think i'm totally crazy :).

    Found your blog by searching for other mommys not afraid to travel with their babies, yey for jetsetting!

  2. I love Dior sunglasses too.. and I always have them on my head even when it rains ;-)
    SO pleased you checked in with us. hope to see you here again



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