Friday, March 4

Cannes here we come!

I can not tell you enough how excited I am to be jetting off to Cannes this weekend. Poor DJ has had some virus, they weren't sure what it was, but he had a very high temperature and has now come out in a horrible rash all over his body. So that coupled with sleepless nights, we are pretty much running on zero. So with DJ on the mend, I am now turning my attention to what I am going to pack.  Cannes is impossibly glamourous and of course is the home of the Cannes film festival. So far this is what I have in mind to pack.
Little sun dresses, some black flats, pair of jeans and a my favourite stripy t shirt and stripy jumper, and a sun hat.
DJ will also me in stripes, this is France after all! ;-)

I will of course be trying to channel one of my style icons Bridgett Bardot, seen below hanging out in Cannes.

Ok I am off to pack.. 

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