Tuesday, December 28


Merry Christmas to you all.
I hope you all had an amazing christmas? I certainly did.
Andrew for my christmas present flew my mum over all the way from New Zealand. I haven't seen her in 2 years.
It was a very emotional for a number of reasons the main one being it was the first time for her to meet DJ, her first grandchild. It has been a long hard 2 years being pregnant and having my first baby with out her here so you can imagine the tears.
Having my whole family here for DJs first christmas just meant the world to me. DJ was a little overwhelmed by all the people here and all the presents, he thought all the presents were for him and wanted to open them all. Of course he didn't care what was inside, he wanted the wrapping paper.
Here are some photos from our crazy family get together
Lots of love

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