Friday, July 6


This week has been an emotional one, I can safely say I will be please to see the back of it. We had DJ diagnosis this week. Labeling for want of a better word. Up until now they have suspected that DJ had autism but they had to wait and asses him before they could "Statement" him.  For the past 6 months he has been attending play and development center where they watch him play. He has been going to speech therapy, he has had occupational therapy, and play therapy. All these things combined along with home visits and endless chats with me they then asses him. We went in on Tuesday and again all the people we have seen are there. The Pediatric Dr sits behind a mirrored wall and observes him, and the speech therapist and his social worker are in the room with him playing, along with his Daddy and I. They watched him play for an hr seeing if he would take part in some of their games and if he would make believe play. My sister then took DJ off for a walk while they chatted to us. We then went to grab  a coffee while the discussed it among them selves and then we were called back in. I knew what they were going to say, I guess you just secretly hope that they will turn around and say its just speech problems. They confirmed he was on the Autistic spectrum but that as he was young there is so much we can do to insure that he is a high functioning. They also said that they can all see how special he is and that he is destined for great things ( well I knew that all along).
I had a little cry that night, I am not sure why as I feel totally ok with it. I just feel emotionally drained. It is a challenge at times, but I wouldn't change a thing about him.


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  1. Hang on there girl! You have a lovely and adorable boy who might need just more help from you, but will fill you with joy just the same.



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