Thursday, July 12

5ocents comments on Autism..

 After reading 50 cents comments on Twitter, calling  a child "Autistic looking" and not wanting no special needs kid following him" I decided to tweet him back with a photo of my son looking adorable, saying "this is what autism looks like in our house, pretty darn cute' An irish paper ran a story on us, and I am pleased its out there that DJ is Autistic because I am not ashamed of it, it doesn't change him as a person or as my son. In fact a lot of the cute Dylanisms, as well call it, is what makes us just adore him even more. We deal with certain situations a little differently but apart from that he is a normal 2 year old.
 After the story ran in Ireland and after the uproar about his comments, Car Phone warehouse cancelled his appearance to promote his new set of headphones.  I was so proud of them for taking the stand to cancel that gig and for standing up for all the autism kids out there. You can read the article Here
50 cent - 0   DJ - 1

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