Monday, August 29

Holiday Time

I am so excited in exactly 18 days Ill be on a plane for my first real sun holiday since having DJ. Part of me is filled with dread about getting in to a bikini (diet starts today) and the other half of me cant wait. To see DJ's face as he goes in to the ocean for the first time and being able to relax and soak up some much needed vitamin D. I am already thinking about the endless things I am going to have to pack for us all. I will need one suitcase for just my dresses alone!

I am getting the Tracy Anderson DVD out today to try get my abs in some reasonable shape, I really don't think I can get away with the "I just had a baby" He is practically in college already!

I tried the Dukan diet last week in a bid to get bikini ready, and although I lost 4 pounds on the all protein diet, I could not sustain such a stupid diet and after 4 days went back to normal eating and gained 6 pounds! Go figure I am worse of now than when I started the bloody thing! So I think I am just going to stick with busting my ass in the gym and eating small portions. Ill let you know how I get one..

18 days and counting ..


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