Monday, May 2

Ralph Lauren

I think I, along with 3/4 of the world have been slightly obsessed with Kate Middleton ever since she announced her engagement to the future King of England. She is so quintessentially british, and her style reflects this. She always manages to look pulled together stylish, yet sexy. There was some mix up and my invite to the wedding got lost in the post, but if I were to have gone I would have probably chosen Ralph Lauren. (A favorite of Kates) Kate has a few keys pieces from Ralph Lauren including his signature blazers. As it was my birthday yesterday I decided to treat myself to some clothes. Ralph Lauren is a little on the expensive side, however if you still want to get a few pieces from Ralph Lauren without spending a fortune, then head to your nearest outlet store. In Ireland we have Kildare Outlet village which has a huge Ralph Lauren store. I picked up some great bargains. A pair of navy blue wide leg, high waisted trousers for 19 euro's. I also picked up a few polo shirts and a  cream cable knit jumper for 40 euros. Bargain! So you too can look like Kate with out spending a fortune.


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