Sunday, February 12

Let them Eat Cake (If its gluten free of course)

It has been almost a month since DJ was diagnosed with mild autism. In a bid to do what ever I could do to help him, I decided to change his diet and take him off Gluten, wheat and dairy. While there is no scientific proof to date that there is link between diet and autism I thought there was no harm in trying and I would document his behavior.

Week One.
Maybe its in my mind but I am sure I can see a difference in DJ this week. He seems calmer and a lot less agitated. He is sleeping better and seems to be listening a little more. Finding it difficult to find things with out Gluten in it though. This makes meal planning a little harder.

Week Two.
I found out that Asda has a whole section on gluten and wheat free products including things like stock cubes , soya sauce, flour baking powder you name it they have it. Making my life a lot easier. The whole family is now on a wheat and gluten free diet, and we are really enjoying it. Pasta Tastes just the same, the bread just tastes a little lighter, and I am less bloated. Bonus!
I am defiantly seeing a change in DJ. Lots of eye contact, and babbling.  Started speech therapy this week as well and he started to mimic the therapists actions. When I was blowing bubbles he would come up and mimic me blowing so I would do it again. Close family are also commenting on how DJ seems calmer and seems to be concentrating more.

Week Three.
Went to Paris this week and although I tried to keep him on his diet we slipped slightly. How could we go to Paris and not indulge in some French Baguette and croissants? I didn't think it would effect him that much. However 24 hrs later he was back to his old ways, not listening, seemed to be back in to his own little world again. Not babbling as much, not trying to talk just making a whine like sound and dragging us to where he wanted to go, instead of pointing and trying to tell is what he wanted. If I was skeptical before about the diet, I am now convinced it is having some form of positive effect.  While I know the diet alone is not going to just "cure" my child,  I do believe it is helping him concentrate and to be less distracted, there for helping him to learn to speak.

Its DJ birthday next week so I have no stocked up on all the Gluten and Wheat free goodies for his party next Saturday. I even have a my gluten and wheat free chocolate cake mix ready to make.


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