Tuesday, January 24

Phase 1- Diet

 Today I have been researching autism and diets. There is so much to read my brain feels like its fried.The more I read about the link between diet and Autism the more I think there could actually be something behind it. They say that a "Leaky gut" due to an intolerance to wheat/gluten/dairy can cause toxins in to the brain.(Don't quote me just saying what I read on the internet) and cause some problems in brain development.
I was reading an interview that Jenny Mcarthy gave about her son Evan who has autism, and she put him on a gluten free and dairy free diet. She is convinced it has practically "cured" her son. I have read that gluten can hamper ones concentration.  Children with autism find it hard to concentrate so if we take gluten out of their diet will it make a difference?
In bid to do what ever I can, and I guess in some way feel like I am taking control of the situation, I am going to put DJ on this diet. I went to wholefoods today and spent a small fortune on gluten free products. Breakfast cereal is the hardest, we shall see what he makes of his cardboard looking porridge in the morning, and also gluten free bread, I also bought a gluten free , dairy free, anything yummy free chocolate cake for his birthday. (poor Boy) I also bought organic no nasties shower gel , shampoo, you name it this boy is au natural!  I don't know will this diet work for him but I will let you know in a few weeks.
I do know though that diet can be a big factor in a lot of different things. A couple of months ago, literally at my wits end with a 20 month old that still wasn't sleeping through the night I decided to take him off dairy and to put him on to goats milk. Low and behold that night he slept through and has done ever since. (In fact now it comes to 8.30 am I have to wake him up). He was actually slightly intolerant to cows milk and was waking up with tummy cramps and mother goose here was giving him more milk to settle him back down again, but in fact making matters worse.
 My sister found an amazing website on food ideas (what to eat and what not to eat) for people who want to go on a gluten free diet. click here to see some great ideas for lunch boxes snacks and meal ideas.

So Let the games begin..  Phase one lets change the diet....

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