Monday, April 4

Dreaming of Summer and that Summer body

The weather is slowly starting to change, the mornings are getting lighter, evenings getting longer and I am dreaming of summer. All I need to do is get bikini body ready. A few changes I am making, is I am cutting out white bread, pasta and rice. I am switching to brown. I didn't realize that white bread is actually bleached wheat same goes for pasta and rice. This almost brings a tear to my eye, as I love nothing better than yummy fresh white bread with cheese or ham or anything really. But I've done my research and white bread really isn't good for you. Its full of toxins and pesticides that can cause diabetes and make your digestion sluggish. So bye bye white bread. The other thing I am cutting out just to get bikini ready is caffeine and alcohol. ( I say as I am drinking a glass of red wine. My last though I promise) I would say I am giving up sugar but who am I kidding, I may die if I try that. I will cut down and just stick the 70% chocolate washed down with green tea to counteract it.
I am also upping my exercise, Elle Macpherson swears by 8 mins a day of squats, lunges and sit ups, so if its good enough for her its good enough for me. Teamed with dry body brushing, endless amounts of water and a good bit of organic Rock Star Tan I am hoping I will actually look like her at the end too. Well Heres hoping anyway ...
So I am finishing off my last glass of wine for a while and then Ill start afresh tomorrow...


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